Sneak Peek into NetSuite 2020.1 Upgrade

NetSuite has been delivering regular value in terms of addressing the need of customer and the need of roles in specific industries. NetSuite 2020 Release 1 introduces features designed to help customers be at their best in a long run. Intelligent Cash Management North American businesses can leverage the use of Bank Feeds SuiteApp, which […]

Workflow History Tab

Another issue we encountered with the 2020.1 upgrade has to do with the Workflow history tab. When the Workflow history tab is in expanded mode of the sub-list and the user tries to save the form, it cannot be saved thus leaving the user wondering what went wrong. The Save button appears to be active […]

Subsidiary Not Auto Populated

In the new 2020.1 release, forms like Opportunity, Sales Order, Vendor Bill, Opportunity, Sales Order, Vendor Bill, Vendor Return Authorization have an issue with the subsidiary field. When the sub-lists in either of these forms are in expanded mode, the Subsidiary field is sourced in automatically on choosing the value for Vendor field. Due to […]