Automated Test Management -- No Coding Required

Xcelero: High impact tool for NetSuite teams to test applications faster and more reliably.

Reduce error prone manual testing

Increase the speed and quality of testing

Find problems before they cost you money

Test end-to-end business processes

Roll out new features faster

Xcelero: Automated Testing -- No Coding Required

Test Management

Test cases can be grouped and executed by Project, Business Requirement, Test Plan and Test Cycle

Recommendation Engine

Xcelero analyzes customizations and recommends test cases and pass/fail criteria

Automated Execution

Test groups and process flows can be executed immediately or based on a schedule

Customization Testing

Test your scripts, workflows, suitelets and other customizations individually or in a process flow.

Integrations Testing

Process flows that involve integration with other systems using restlets or iPaaS connectors such as Celigo, Dell Boomi, Jitterbit can be easily tested

Mass Import Tests

Easily import a large variety and volume of test cases from spreadsheets

Get Up and Running Fast

5 Easy steps could have you up and running in 3 weeks

Trusted by the World's Best Teams

Tangible ROI

The ROI that our customers achieve by using Xcelero is for real. What typically takes 4 weeks in manual testing can be done in 4 hours using Xcelero. Check out what you ROI might be by using the ROI calculator below. Contact us if you want help with a more accurate ROI.

Xcelero DEMO

See how Xcelero automates testing in three simple steps: Automatically create a repository of suggested tests cases, auto create pass / fail criteria and schedule execution for whenever you need it.


When we used to do manual testing, we had a team of 20 people to make sure everything worked. After implementing Xcelero, we have a team of 1 person. What used to take us 2 weeks, now we do in 4 hours.

Kodi-Marie Evans, Director NetSuite Operations, Xerox
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